Sunday, 14 February 2016

Outdated Daytrip

How typical of me to forget the existence of photo folders created right after downloads and lost in the realms of notoriously tidy messes of photo compilations – but then again, the better fun is finding them again - to be surprised and reminded of moments that were captured and being able to enjoy them once again whilst living in the present.

(Photos: Daytrip with the family consisting of a drive around Mornington Peninsula and getting on a ferry. Photos taken last year, September... before downpour of Year 12 revision periods and the massacre of trees for mounds of practice exam papers)

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Kettle Black

Celebrated a friend's birthday today at a gorgeous space the Kettle Black Cafe.
Although we had to wait in line for a good 40-45 minutes for a table of 7 it was definitely worth it.
Everything from interior to food was seriously good. Ticks and applauses all round, my tummy certainly enjoyed it.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

The City in the Evening (and Night)

Warning: some serious photo logs up ahead: be prepared for fatigue in the fingers from scrolling endlessly.
*Last note: it is highly recommended that you stretch those fingers before proceeding as to avoid the finger cramp (ouch!) 

Yesterday night we went out for dinner in the city for my parent's birthday, there were some pretty aesthetically pleasing dumplings that appeared in our evening but that went down our digestive systems faster than they could even scream "cheese"; therefore I will have to account for their absence in this photo stream in sad sad text ... (hey - only more reasons and opportunity to search for another good dumpling place - right?). After dinner we just walked around the city - mum showed us her new workplace and I took the opportunity to do a bit of snapping. 

Needless to say I need to get myself a tripod....