Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lazy Days

 Last week I tested a couple of light shots with the opportunity that it was sunny. Sundays are typically for lazy-ing around, spending breakfast in bed, getting stuck into a good novel and splurging  good hours in lounge comfys .... 
As idealistic as this situation plays out to be, my Sundays have a systematic timetable of which I adhere to vigorously - it is as glamorous as spending time with books (- not novels. textbooks.) and numbers and calculators (all things school related that I seem to have left to the last minute).
So before I divulge myself in to the next chapter of my Sunday life (or maybe more realistically put - the next chapter of my mathematics textbook - Hello complex numbers..) here are some photos of my face that I so happen to take in the midst of skyscraper textbooks - a far cry from the dire situation at my desk. 

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